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"A well-rounded communication course, facilitated in a very professional manner, excellent!  I make the difference; the different teams know they must co-operate with each other to make a well oiled machine and it can be used in everyday life."

Training & Workshops

We develop people, leaders and teams that create outstanding results

"This course was excellent I’ve been to several courses on Customer Service and this is definitely the best one - excellent reference material for review after the workshop.  I’ve learned that attitude is the most important attribute.  I would recommend that everyone in the organization does this workshop."

Dennis has been a highly rated speaker and trainer for 24 years. For the past 18 years we have provided training and consulting to public and private sector organizations throughout British Columbia. We are in the business of helping our clients "develop people, leaders and teams that create outstanding results."

Our approach is to help you find creative, innovative solutions that ensure your organization moves forward towards the results you need and want. These results must meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of your stakeholders, customers, employees and shareholders alike. We focus on helping you develop and implement systems and processes that increase trust, communication and cooperation on the team.

“Of the many workshops I’ve taken, yours was the only one where I really felt encouraged and got the motivation to act. With others I thought “that was really nice to listen to and now let’s go back to work the way it was.” Whether it was you or the workshop itself, it got me started and kept me going all these years.”
Ron Everett, Deputy Director of Permits and Licenses,
The Municipality of Delta

We customize both the content and delivery of our workshops and our products and services to meet your needs. People acquire practical tools to solve internal and external challenges and issues, and learn how to use them. And finally, we work with you to ensure the organizational culture supports and encourages individuals and teams to apply their new skills on the job.

Reasons or Results - YOU Choose
This class is a real eye opener for employees at all levels. We utilize a uniquely effective approach to increasing individual responsibility and accountability so the tangible and intangible results for all stakeholders improve. This class offered to BC Government employees has been an unqualified success - selling out every offering.

"The responsibility accountability for results model.  The individual has a responsibility to participate actively in the process of change.  I gained valuable life skills for personal as well as on the job.  Being more open about personal needs so that I will get my needs met."
BC Government Employee

Delivering Customer Service Excellence
Successful businesses see their primary purpose as "serving the customer" - by understanding their needs and meeting them. Continuous improvement is the name of the game so we help participants develop the attitudes, awareness and skills to deliver consistent, high quality customer service every day with internal and external customers.

Most valuable: learning how to deal with your co-workers helps to deal with your customers. The transition from co-worker to customer is a complete change in thought and we have the responsibility and learned the tools to work at breaking the old patterns.

Dealing With Difficult Customers
We all run into customers (internal and external) with whom we have difficulty. Participants develop the awareness and skills to be their best during those challenging situations and resolve them productively.

"The performance review was helpful and forward looking; it was not used as a tool to put each other down.  It had a positive effect on both job and relationship."

Coaching for Higher Performance
Coaching is a multifaceted skill set focused on bringing out the best possible performance in others. Flexibility in approach and delivery is a key to success. Employees will learn to coach and be coached by co-workers at all levels.

“I think that I am much more prone to looking at problems from the other person’s perspective and to listen better to other ideas when making decisions.”
Alex Campbell Sr., President, Thrifty Foods

"The Management Development process got everyone involved and made me aware of how all employees view me in my role as a manger."
Ken Smith, Store Manager, Thrifty Foods

Harnessing the Power of Conflict
Conflict is a normal and natural part of every working day. Unmanaged, it can fester and lead to stress, inefficiency and poor performance. Managed productively, it can be a catalyst for positive change and improved relationships. Participants gain the knowledge and skills to resolve conflict productively and remain "hard on the problem," yet "soft on the person."

Performance counts more than ever before. Top performance requires an integrated approach, from hiring through to annual reviews to discipline. By articulating clear performance standards, then measuring and monitoring progress, you overcome "status quo" thinking and support your employees to create the results they need and your organization wants. See the PerformanceCounts model in the Sample Presentations section add link

Leadership/Management Skills for Managers
Today the biggest part of "getting the job done" involves understanding and applying the difference between managing and leading. Assets and things are managed; people are lead. Your leaders will learn to more effectively lead your team to where you want to go. Influencing people to take more productive action is the true measure of effective leadership.

"Management Development has improved my awareness of “how to deliver” so the message is not tuned out."
Frank, Assistant Grocery Manager, Thrifty Foods

Service, Results & Teamwork Competencies
Service, results and teamwork competencies is an essential skill set that employees at all levels must master. We can help you create a culture that puts these competences front and centre in the work employees perform every day.