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"The performance review was helpful and forward looking, it was not used as a tool to put each other down. It had a positive effect on both job and relationship." Thrifty Foods employee

Performance Tools

Tools to solve your business challenges

Our focus the past few years has been on developing Performance Tools that solve specific personnel and personal challenges faced by organizations, departments, teams or individuals.  All to often employees fail to perform up to expectations because the tools and systems they are asked to use are flawed, used incorrectly or broken.

Sold as packages, each Performance Tool includes custom tailoring to suit your organization, applicable process and procedures, policy where necessary, the tool itself along with the training for the personnel expected to implement it.  Our packaging means we can more effectively meet your specific needs by targeting the issues or challenges you face.  All our tools are practical and can be easily transferred into daily use because we ensure that the participants develop an implementation action plan.

"The Hilton & Associates (performance review) program motivated me. I became clear about what I wanted to do and acquired the tools to do it. I built up my confidence to try implementing the ideas. When I started to see the fruits of my labour, it became self feeding. The more results I got the more I wanted to do it.”
Ron Everett, Deputy Director, Permits & Licenses Municipality of Delta

Our Integrated Performance Achievement System (IPAS) is a suite of HR tools designed to help management develop the people, leaders and teams that they need to create outstanding results. IPAS includes:

Raise the Standards, Raise the Bar —
“Hilton & Associates have helped us to stay focused on our Customer Service Initiative. I would recommend their services to any organization that requires consulting or training assistance in strengthening their Customer Service.”
George Paul, City Manager, the City of Prince George

Our 4-phase approach to ensuring clients deliver consistent high quality Customer Service This four-phase process can be utilized sequentially as a means of re-focusing and re-directing staff; or it can be “phased” in over time - as time and budgets allow. Clients can work on several phases simultaneously saving time and resources, thereby speeding up the process of becoming a Customer focused, Customer First organization.

Phase I – Build commitment, clarify the results, get the stakeholders on side.

Phase II – Educate all staff about Customer Service Excellence

Phase III – Implement CS Excellence in the Workplace – clarify expectations of performance

Phase IV – Integrate CS Excellence in the Workplace – measure and monitor progress provide timely & helpful feedback.

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