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"Our external customer service culture was already very good. Hilton & Associates has enabled us or made us aware of using those skills to the same degree with internal customer service." Frank Biehle, Assistant Grocery Manager, Thrifty Foods

Our Associates

We are a virtual company that taps into our pool of colleagues and associates as determined by project size and scope.

Rnold Smith

I have known Rnold Smith since 1997 and he has recently joined me as a contributing partner.  He has been working in business development for the past 22 years and brings a fresh perspective to the material I have been developing over the past several decades. We are working together to utilize the latest in technologies to reach a bigger audience.   His specialties are Customer Service, Branding,  Sales and Marketing and his business management philosophy has its roots in those departments. We have closely aligned views as to what it takes to build lasting success and his skills, knowledge and experience are proving to be a valuable asset as we move Hilton and Associates into a bright future. You can read his blog at http://successfulemployees.blogspot.ca

Gary Harper www.joyofconflict.com
A long time friend and business associate, Gary and I have worked together on many leadership and customer service projects with such organizations as UBC, MTU Maintenance Canada, and The District of Mission. Gary specializes in teaching conflict resolution and customer service skills (particularly dealing with difficult customers). In his book, The Joy of Conflict Resolution, Gary uses a storytelling approach to help people understand and resolve conflict (you might recognize some of the characters who work in the fictional company Turmoil Inc.). He is a core trainer on the instructional team at the Justice Institute of BC (Centre for Conflict Resolution).

Terry Harris www.terryharris.com
Terry Harris is both a lawyer and mediator who is in high demand for his thoughtful and effective approach to helping people find their way through “irresolvable” conflicts. Terry is a trainer with the Justice Institute of BC and the Continuing Legal Education Society and has a special interest in cross-cultural conflict.

Jim Sorensen www.jimsorensen.com
A long time friend and business associate based in Seattle, Jim and I worked together as senior facilitators for Context Training’s: The Pursuit of Excellence, a five-day personal development course. Jim is a sought after trainer because he takes a unique approach to designing and delivering content that has a powerful impact on people and organizations. Jim gets results. Over the years we have collaborated on program design and delivery ideas for our clients.

A Strategic Partnership
3e Training is a well respected, Victoria-based company focused primarily on providing high quality training to public sector employees at all levels in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. 3e’s mission is to improve workplace performance by delivering effective, efficient and economical learning solutions. We partnered with 3e because we share the same philosophy and approach about training and its value to individuals and organizations. An area of new business is offering conference and keynote presentation services to public and private sector organizations. Our course, Reasons or Results – YOU Choose has been very popular with participants from all BC Government ministries, with many of them booking special events and classes because it has had such a powerful impact.
Take a look at the program in more detail by visiting the 3e website www.3etraining.ca.