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"Really showed me what I am motivated by, gave me a clearer vision of what I want and what I need to do to get there."

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“Dennis, I cannot find the words to package the gratitude for yesterday's session. Less than a minute of you wrapping up staff were coming to me with raving comments about you. I was taken aback that staff were thanking me for the work you did. We carried on in the pub afterwards with you being the buzz of the conversation. The thing about this group is they (including myself) are here because of a passion or love of the resource. It's very obvious you have found the same in the work you do."
Heather Millen

Dennis has been a highly rated speaker and trainer for 24 years.  He is an outstanding keynote and conference speaker who can be counted on to deliver a tailored message to your audience in an entertaining, thought provoking and humourous manner.  Dennis knows that laughing and learning go hand in hand.  Topic areas include customer service, performance improvement, teamwork, leadership and change.

“I just wanted to reiterate how much we enjoyed your presentation and I am quite sure we will be coming back to you in the future for some additional help. Many of the staff commented on how much the session applied to what we are going through now and in the near future so you were right on the mark.”
Brenda Walton, Associate Registrar, Douglas College

Here is a sample of the clients and presentation topics Dennis has had the opportunity to deliver:

Notes from the Cave

To engage participants in a powerful learning experience we used the 'cave' as a metaphor to explore limited thinking and behaviours that reduce performance and results.
Fish and Wildlife Recreation — Professional Development Day

Effectively Communicating with People

This hands on workshop explored what makes communication effective and then participants were taught and practiced specific skills.
Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers

Customer Service Excellence

This highly interactive conference seminar fully engaged the 100 in attendance around CSE and what they could do to improve results for customers and themselves.
BC Registrars’ Association Conference

Reasons or Results YOU Choose

A half day workshop for all 70 staff focused on being more accountable and responsible.  Helped them answer the question WIIFM to be accountable and be more responsible.  Many easy to use take away tools provided.
Syscom Consulting — Professional Development Conference

Skills to Serve Customers

A full participation workshop focused on providing a foundation for CSE and the tools needed by individuals to deal with customers more effectively.
Douglas College — Registrar’s Team Professional Development Day

The Roots of Organizational Excellence

A big picture look at the roots that support organizational excellence.
Victoria Quality Council — Excellebration Conference

Focus on the Future – Customer Service Excellence

For the 240 attending we presented a high level look at the steps that business must take to capture and keep customers and the employees they need to serve them
HY Louie Marketplace IGA – Supplier and Owners’ Conferences

Hiring Right the First Time

We provided the easy to use tools needed by the 140 mid level supervisory and management personnel to hire right the first time.  The session was packed with take away tools that make the hiring process and probationary period less onerous and more effective.
40th Annual Washington Road and Street Supervisors’ Conference

Service Excellence

A one day workshop for office staff to learn how to deal with difficult customers more effectively – helped them learn how to stop taking customers’ behaviours personally.
CGA Calgary – Professional Development Dayx